Specialist Cosmetic Surgery Announces New and Updated Websites

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Two distinct websites simplify search for information on specific surgical and non surgical procedures offered at the innovative plastic surgery and dermal clinic

New South Wales, Australia Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, headed by Dr. Bernard Beldholm, has been serving its local communities in Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Valley for eight years. The doctor and his staff pride themselves on providing the latest cosmetic procedures in a state of the art facility.

Dr. Beldholm is pleased to announce the unveiling of an updated website for his cosmetic surgery business, as well as an entirely new website for a wide range of non surgical procedures. The websites, designed by web designer and developer Chen Ryan of Squeeze Creative, and Brendan Rissoli of Easy SEO Newcastle, were officially launched on Tuesday, July 16, 2013.

Twice the Reach

Previously, Specialist Cosmetic Surgery maintained a single website which was used to showcase both cosmetic surgery and dermal therapy procedures. Client feedback suggested that people who were interested in non invasive procedures involved in dermal therapy felt put off by the cosmetic surgery procedures that dominated the original website.

Having two distinct websites dedicated to the two different areas Specialist Cosmetic Surgery focuses on will also enable people to find relevant information quickly and easily without having to do any extra browsing online. Those who are in search of a specific type of procedure will not have to waste their time filtering through information in which they’re not interested.

“This website update is important to use, as it keeps our image cutting edge, which is in line with the cutting edge range of procedures we offer our patients,” said Dr. Beldholm. “It will also enable our customers and prospects to find relevant information more easily.”

The Same Level of Exceptional Quality

Specialist Cosmetic Surgery is confident that the roll out of the new websites will allow Dr. Beldholm and his team to further meet the needs of clients across all three of their locations. These new websites will feature and describe every procedure that is offered at each of the three Specialist Cosmetic Surgery locations. While the websites may have changed, patients will be able to look forward to the same exceptional quality of care, no matter what kind of procedure they may have in mind.

Dr. Bernard Beldholm and his staff have been servicing the local communities for over eight years, placing emphasis on delivering the best possible results at any of the state of the art facilities in Australia Specialist Cosmetic Surgery provides. Those who are interested in learning more about this practice and its new online features can visit online at www.specialistcosmeticsurgery.com.au.

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  1. Just as a cosmetic surgeon has to be highly specialized, so should their websites. I like this.

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