Making the Press Release Sing, Or at Least Tell A Story

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Free press release distribution can be used to extend your message beyond regular website visitors and your existing social network. By targeting your message to a specific audience and developing a story around it, you may get better conversion of visitors and eventually customers.

Using a free press release service is fairly straight forward, but the message is the critical piece of the process. Before you craft your press release for pr distribution, you should distill your messaging and related content down to the core. For product and service related announcements, you will have to put on your marketing hat. The description of your products and services should be minor to the customers perceived benefit. You will get far more readers and prospects by helping them solve a problem, than by describing your product or service.

The old sales adage goes that the shovel salesman is not really selling shovels. He is selling holes. Your job is to boil down your benefits to find the core service or problem you are solving. You have to figure out what the “hole” is for your business. Then, continue with that line of thinking to elaborate on the benefits. You might say that you are saving labor, if your shovel cuts through the dirt swiftly.

Use these ideas about your product or service to drive an interesting headline for your press release. When you think about it, the goal of the headline is to get the readers attention so that they will read more. If you can pique their interest early, you can hold it throughout your press release with a related story line.

After you have set the stage with the true benefit, develop it into a story. Not sure where to go with this? Your customer stories are the perfect starting point. Tell the readers how your product or service has been used to great success. This might even be a good way to include a testimonial or quote from the story describing how your best customer used the solution you are offering. You should tell enough of a story to hold the readers attention and give them the opportunity to identify themselves within a similar solution.

Each part of the free press release distribution process is geared to elicit interest and further action. Depending on the audience, that could mean journalists contacting you or prospects inquiring about your offerings. By setting the stage with story or successful testimonial in your free press release distribution, you are insuring a continued audience of interested visitors.

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