The Fountain of Youth Institute Launches a New Premium Skin Care Program for Palm Harbor Patients

Palm Harbor, FL– January 2, 2013– The Fountain of Youth Institute in Palm Harbor has launched a premium treatment for facial wrinkles. Named after the Medical Director at the Institute, Dr. Harrell’s Peel is a unique regimen that starts with a pre-conditioning skin treatment, and must be carried out over six weeks through a series […]

California Miramar University Climbs List of San Diego’s Top 10 MBA Schools

San Diego, CA – November 21, 2013 – Since 2011, California Miramar University has proudly held the number 10 spot on the San Diego Business Journal’s list of Top 10 MBA Schools in San Diego County. This year brought a pleasant and well-deserved surprise, as California Miramar University moved upward to the ninth position. The […]

BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd. Integrates New Line of Point-of-Sale Hardware

Aurora, ON – December 7, 2013- BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd. is proud to announce that by January of 2014, the company will release a new line of Point-of-Sale Hardware terminals for their merchant services programs. As a provider of payment processing technology and hardware to North America, BNA is confident that the availability of […]

Owner and Founder of The Sunglass Fix Addresses Students at Career Expo Day

Ocean Shores, NSW – November 14, 2013 – On November 5, as the Australian school year began drawing to a close, students in grades nine, 10, and 11 from across Byron Shire gathered for the enVision Byron Shire Local Careers Expo Day to meet local business professionals. Among those professionals was Craig Anderson, the owner […]

Naturel Collagen Canada Announces New Body Balm Designed to Revitalize Customers’ Dry Skin

Thornhill, ON – November 4, 2013 – Naturel Collagen Canada proudly announced the introduction of Collagen Ultra-Moisturizing Body Balm to its product line this month, offering clients the chance to restore extreme comfort to dry and very dry skin with all-natural ingredients. After a year of experimenting with the product, President and owner Jaqui Dunal […]