An Interview With Sales Sense Payments, Inc President Michael D Krause

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We recently had a chance to sit down for an interview with the president of Sales Sense Payments, Inc., Michael D. Krause. Mr. Krause discussed a bit about his background and the company he helped to build.

What made you choose to start your own company, other than to make money?

Michael D. Krause: I started Sales Sense Payments so that I could provide smaller online or retails businesses with a simple, trustworthy and easy method of using merchant services to expand their business.

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Michael D. Krause: We are an online merchant service provider. We help smaller companies that need to offer credit cards as part of their business wholesale level pricing on a complete line of credit card processing equipment and services. I have worked in and around the merchant services industry for years, so I knew what was needed in order to find our niche.

Describe your background to us.

Michael D. Krause: I have a BS in marketing, and a masters in Organizational Management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. I also have over 20 years of selling, predominantly in the Fortune 500, and more specifically in the financial services arena. In essence, I have been in a selling role ever since my brother and I had our first lemonade stand at the age of seven!

Did there ever come a time when you wanted to give up?

Michael D. Krause: Of course, but I know this market, and I know that some vendors are unscrupulous and oversell merchant services. They charge small businesses more than they should have to pay for these essential business functions. I spend time reflecting, reading and researching to overcome any discouragement I may feel.

How has technology and the internet impacted how you conduct your business?

Michael D Krause: It has helped our ability to conduct business significantly by permitting growth, marketing and the transmission of information instantaneously, along with the boost social media makes in developing new audiences more quickly. We market our business through social media, the occasional PPC ad and researching and contacting ideal target companies directly through letters and telephone calls to the decision makers.

Michael D. Krause has been the President of Sales Sense Payments, Inc. for five years, and today the Rochester, NY based company continues to proudly serve its customers by meeting all of their payment and processing needs. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to visit online at Continue reading here.

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