Alliance Express Adds New Regional Distribution Center

Nylon nuts

Company aims to add new locations in order to provide the best service for regional customers

Olive Branch, MS — September 17, 2013 — Alliance Express, a division of Alliance Plastics, announces the recent opening of a brand new distribution site near the city of Memphis, TN. The new Memphis location services customers across eleven states, while also offering same day shipping for over 10,000 standard parts.

Each Alliance Express location is carefully selected so that it can provide the best service for regional customers. The addition of this location in Memphis has provided customers with improved shipping times and lower freight costs.

Alliance Express Memphis Address:

Alliance Express – Memphis
10400 Marina Drive
Suite 108
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Alliance Express Contact Information:

To reach Alliance Express by phone, please call 662-893-1400, or toll free at 800-847-0486. The Memphis location can also be reached by fax at 662-890-5834, or by email at

With the addition of the new Memphis distribution site, Alliance Express now has a total of nine distribution centers across North America. The company also has two locations in Brazil. Please visit for additional contact information for your nearest Alliance Express site and to learn more about the company.

About Alliance Express

Alliance Express is a major distributor of finishing and protection products for a wide range of applications and industries. Its extensive product offering includes access hardware, casters, tube insert glides, wire management, leveling mounts/feet/bumpers, cable ties, circuit board hardware, masking products, fasteners, pipe and flange protection, hose protection, plugs, caps and netting.

The company’s headquarters and primary manufacturing site are located in Erie, PA, where a sizeable investment in production machinery, information technology and tooling and warehouse facilities drive constant improvements in customer service. Learn all about the Alliance Advantage, including free samples, next day delivery and regional service at


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An Interview with McCann Investigations Managing Partner Daniel Weiss

Private detective and investigator

During our recent interview with Daniel Weiss, Licensed P.I. and Managing Partner at McCann Investigations, we learned a great deal about his company, including how it has changed from traditional private investigative work to computer forensics over the past 28 years.

Did you have a business plan during your time with McCann Investigations?

Daniel Weiss: My strong points are in sales and marketing. From a marketing standpoint, I always want to stay ahead of the curve, looking for potential opportunities. As the technology landscape has evolved to encompass every part of our daily and business lives, it was evident that there would always be an electronic footprint for every transaction or communication that took place.

When we first started this business, it was more traditional private investigations. As the landscape changed, the business shifted to target the electronic and digital aspects of investigations. Now computer forensics is at the heart of 95 percent of all investigations.

What has the biggest surprise been for you?

Daniel Weiss: How quickly technology evolves, requiring us to evolve our techniques and tools constantly.

Managing a business can often be quite rewarding. What has been the most rewarding part for you?

Daniel Weiss: Creating something from nothing and watching it grow and succeed.

Is your business where you thought it would be at this point in time, or no?

Daniel Weiss: his business has exceeded my expectations. When I started it, I had no idea that this is where it would be today.

Where do you see McCann Investigations in the next few years?

Daniel Weiss: More growth, more offices.

A lot of people out there wish that they could run their own business. What kind of advice would you give to them?

Daniel Weiss: If you enjoy the challenge of creating something and watching it grow beyond your expectations, and you are able to flow and change with the ups and downs that you will undoubtedly face, then do it!

Finally, has the constantly evolving world of technology and the internet impacted how you do your business?

Daniel Weiss: Technology and the internet have revolutionized this industry.

For 28 years, McCann Investigations have been delivering positive results to their customers from their home base in Bellaire, Texas. If you are interested in learning more or possibly hiring McCann Investigations to solve a problem for you, please visit


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Ray Sands Glass to Hold Security Film Seminar for Rochester Residents and Businesses

Broken window glass

Local glass specialists will demonstrate capacity of Solar Gard Armorcoat Security Films to Improve Security for School Districts, Residents and Businesses

Rochester, NY — September 1, 2013 — Due to heightened security concerns for commercial property, homes and school facilities, Ray Sands Glass, Inc., will hold a Security Film Seminar and Demonstration. This seminar will take place in the city of Rochester, and is open to anyone with questions or concerns about the security of a residential, commercial, school building.

The Security Film Seminar will be held at the offices of Ray Sands Glass, Inc., located at 3315 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY 14624. The seminar will last approximately one hour, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. Lunch will be provided for those in attendance.

Proven and Tested Technology

Applying Solar Gard Armorcoat security films to existing glass doors and windows hardens the building envelope by making the glass resistant to shattering. When applied with a wet glaze process, the film-coated glass will hold the glass in its frame. Once the process is complete, the security film prevents unwanted entry into a building or home. Ray Sands Glass is the exclusive Armorcoat supplier for the Western New York region.

Dave Burns, President of Ray Sands Glass, said this about the Solar Gard Armorcoat security film product: “In Newtown, CT the school shooter was denied access to the school by way of a video monitor and locked doors. So he simply shot out the window and walked in. Armorcoat security film installed by Ray Sands Glass prevents this. Bullets would penetrate and shatter the glass, making a small bullet hole tear, but the window and safety film will stay safely in place.”

Reserve Your Seat Now

To reserve a seat at the Security Film Lunch Seminar and Demonstration, scheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd, please contact Sue Payne at 585.889.2876, or email

Ray Sands Glass, Inc. has been proudly serving the Upstate New York cities of Rochester and Canandaigua for 67 years. Information on the products and services available at Ray Sands Glass, Inc. can be found online at www.RaySandsGlass


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Four Free Options for Distributing Press Releases

Free press release sites

The marketing landscape is in a constant state of flux, and new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves for businesses who are looking to make themselves stand out and attract new customers. But though they have been around for a long time, choosing to distribute press releases is still a good option for businesses. They help build brand awareness, share important information, support link building and SEO efforts, and, in the end, help boost sales. But though they are so helpful, many businesses do not know where to submit free press releases. Fortunately, there are few online options that have high reach and low cost.

1. Social Media

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Healing Heroes Network Joins With Macy’s to Show Support for Wounded Veterans

Shop for a Cause event raises funds to help veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan

Palm Harbor, FL August 15, 2013 Helping Heroes Network (HHN) is a non-profit organization providing financial support and services to military personnel and their families. HHN is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with Macy’s in its eighth annual Shop for a Cause event to raise money for wounded veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. This special Macy’s shopping event, will take place on August 24, 2013. Customers who make a $5.00 donation will receive a 25 percent off coupon for all purchases on August 24. The coupon can be redeemed at any participating Macy’s, and can be applied to an entire purchase.

The instructions for receiving the coupon will be included in the confirmation email that will be sent out once the donation has been received. All funds raised from Shop for a Cause will go for medical treatment for those veterans that have been wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan.

A Simple Donation That Makes a Big Difference

Healing Heroes Network and Macy’s are both proud to support our troops. Tens of thousands of wounded veterans who have come home from Iraq and Afghanistan need ongoing medical care. The money raised by the special shopping event helps veterans get the medical care, treatments and therapies they need to improve their quality of life. This is especially critical when the support from the US Department of Veteran Affairs is delayed or limited.

Committed to Helping American Veterans

Healing Heroes Network is committed to the healing of American war heroes. The organization provides financial assistance for high quality medical care to members of the military that have been injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan or Iraq since September 11, 2001.

Aside from pairings with companies like Macy’s to raise money for wounded vets, Healing Heroes Network raises funds through various other means. For example, the Harleys for Heroes sweepstakes is currently in progress. By making a tax deductible donation, participants will have a chance to win one of three Harley Davidson motorcycles. This sweepstakes runs through September 12, 2013.

Healing Heroes Network is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping wounded soldiers who return from combat overseas. Those who are interested in learning more or making a donation are welcome to visit online at, or get in contact by calling 727.781.4376.


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