An Interview with Bill and Melissa Ginn of Presto Air, LLC

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We recently had the opportunity to interview Presto Air, LLC owners Bill and Melissa Ginn, where we learned a little about their background and the HVAC business they created together three years ago.

So why did you decide to go into business together, besides the desire to make money?

Bill Ginn: Honestly, we really just wanted to stop working for the man! Going into business ourselves and becoming our own boss was the best way to make that happen.

Can you describe your business and your niche to us?

Melissa Ginn: Our business is HVAC, pure and simple. It was fairly easy for us to find our niche, since Bill has done this for over 20 years. I have an extensive background in customer service. Between the two of us, we are able to cover everything necessary to run our business.

Have you ever ma Continue reading “An Interview with Bill and Melissa Ginn of Presto Air, LLC”

Dos and Don’ts of Press Releases in the Digital Age

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Is your business struggling to harness the increase in web traffic and revenue that online PR news can generate? Just like any other content produced and placed on the web, there are some rules that online press releases should follow in order to be seen and in order to engage people. Here are the Dos and Do Nots of successful press releases on the web.


  • Implement SEO in Your Releases
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    Just like anything else published online, your press releases should be optimized to appear in search engine results from Google, Bing!, and others. By making use of effective meta-tagging, URL optimization, and smart keywords in your content, you will necessarily improve your visibility in searches. Since, according to Search Continue reading “Dos and Don’ts of Press Releases in the Digital Age”

An Interview With Sales Sense Payments, Inc President Michael D Krause

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We recently had a chance to sit down for an interview with the president of Sales Sense Payments, Inc., Michael D. Krause. Mr. Krause discussed a bit about his background and the company he helped to build.

What made you choose to start your own company, other than to make money?

Michael D. Krause: I started Sales Sense Payments so that I could provide smaller online or retails businesses with a simple, trustworthy and easy method of using merchant services to expand their business.

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Michael D. Krause: We are an online merchant service provider. We help smaller companies that need to offer credit cards as part of their business wholesale lev Continue reading “An Interview With Sales Sense Payments, Inc President Michael D Krause”

Specialist Cosmetic Surgery Announces New and Updated Websites

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Two distinct websites simplify search for information on specific surgical and non surgical procedures offered at the innovative plastic surgery and dermal clinic

New South Wales, Australia Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, headed by Dr. Bernard Beldholm, has been serving its local communities in Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Valley for eight years. The doctor and his staff pride themselves on providing the latest cosmetic procedures in a state of the art facility.

Dr. Beldholm is pleased to announce the unveiling of an updated website for his cosmetic surgery business, as well as an entirely new website for a wide range of non surgical procedures. The websites, designed by web designer an Continue reading “Specialist Cosmetic Surgery Announces New and Updated Websites”

Making the Press Release Sing, Or at Least Tell A Story

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Free press release distribution can be used to extend your message beyond regular website visitors and your existing social network. By targeting your message to a specific audience and developing a story around it, you may get better conversion of visitors and eventually customers.

Using a free press release service is fairly straight forward, but the message is the critical piece of the process. Before you craft your press release for pr distribution, you should distill your messaging and related content down to the core. For product and service related announcements, you will have to put on your marketing hat. The description of your products and services should be minor to the customers perceived benefit. You will get far more readers and prospects by helping them solve a problem, than by describing your pr Continue reading “Making the Press Release Sing, Or at Least Tell A Story”