Ray Sands Glass to Hold Security Film Seminar for Rochester Residents and Businesses

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Local glass specialists will demonstrate capacity of Solar Gard Armorcoat Security Films to Improve Security for School Districts, Residents and Businesses

Rochester, NY — September 1, 2013 — Due to heightened security concerns for commercial property, homes and school facilities, Ray Sands Glass, Inc., will hold a Security Film Seminar and Demonstration. This seminar will take place in the city of Rochester, and is open to anyone with questions or concerns about the security of a residential, commercial, school building.

The Security Film Seminar will be held at the offices of Ray Sands Glass, Inc., located at 3315 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY 14624. The seminar will last approximately one hour, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. Lunch will be provided for those in attendance.

Proven and Tested Technology

Applying Solar Gard Armorcoat security films to existing glass doors and windows hardens the building envelope by making the glass resistant to shattering. When applied with a wet glaze process, the film-coated glass will hold the glass in its frame. Once the process is complete, the security film prevents unwanted entry into a building or home. Ray Sands Glass is the exclusive Armorcoat supplier for the Western New York region.

Dave Burns, President of Ray Sands Glass, said this about the Solar Gard Armorcoat security film product: “In Newtown, CT the school shooter was denied access to the school by way of a video monitor and locked doors. So he simply shot out the window and walked in. Armorcoat security film installed by Ray Sands Glass prevents this. Bullets would penetrate and shatter the glass, making a small bullet hole tear, but the window and safety film will stay safely in place.”

Reserve Your Seat Now

To reserve a seat at the Security Film Lunch Seminar and Demonstration, scheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd, please contact Sue Payne at 585.889.2876, or email Toni@raysandsglass.com.

Ray Sands Glass, Inc. has been proudly serving the Upstate New York cities of Rochester and Canandaigua for 67 years. Information on the products and services available at Ray Sands Glass, Inc. can be found online at www.RaySandsGlass


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