Four Free Options for Distributing Press Releases

Free press release sites

The marketing landscape is in a constant state of flux, and new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves for businesses who are looking to make themselves stand out and attract new customers. But though they have been around for a long time, choosing to distribute press releases is still a good option for businesses. They help build brand awareness, share important information, support link building and SEO efforts, and, in the end, help boost sales. But though they are so helpful, many businesses do not know where to submit free press releases. Fortunately, there are few online options that have high reach and low cost.

1. Social Media

Some businesses might make the mistake of not realize that their social media pages provide a great opportunity to not only enter a dialogue with consumers, but also share important information with them. They have great reach, especially for companies who have lots of fans or followers, and sites like Facebook and Twitter are free to use. As a result, social media is a great place to submit free press releases.

2. A Company Website

It should come as no surprise that a good website is a great option for submitting press releases. If a company has taken the time to build a site and earned regular visitors, then it should certainly use it as a place to share new updates. This might seem like common knowledge but some businesses overlook their own site when sharing content. As an added bonus, if a press release is published on its own page or in a blog, it will also give SEO a boost.

3. A Company Blog

If a business manages a blog that is separate from their main website, they should use it as a vehicle to submit free press releases. They could use the blog to link to the actual release on a website or simply copy and paste the content. Either way, using a blog is a great way to share important information with web readers.


There are lots of paid sites out there that will help businesses spread their press releases, but PRLog stands out because it is free. Plus, it offers great services including clickable links, email and RSS distribution, and even analytics to see how many readers are clicking on a press release.

When it comes to marketing, many companies, especially small ones, have limited resources. This means that finding free press release distribution options is a must. While there are dozens of sites and options out there, social media, a company website, and PRLog should give businesses the reach they need to share their updates with lots of consumers.

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