Pro Torque Tools Introduces Unique New Products to Its Online Inventory

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High quality online tool supply company offers affordable specialized torque products for the energy industry and other markets

Atlanta, GA August 20, 2013 Pro torque tools is proud to announce the addition of several new products to its online catalogue. Two new torque wrenches and two new torque multipliers will soon be available for purchase. Designed to handle the heaviest workloads out there, these products will enable Pro Torque Tools to continue to be the top provider of high quality tools on the internet.

Tough Products for Tough Projects

Pro torque tools has added both a 1,500 ft lb and a 2,250 ft lb torque wrench. Each comes with a custom fitted aluminum case, and can be used in environments that require these levels of torque measurement, but where there may not be room for a multiplier or the large budget to justify the cost of one.

The torque multipliers that have been added are two of the largest manual torque multipliers that can be purchased in the United States market. While Pro Torque Tools currently several models that start at 1,500 ft lbs, these larger multipliers will now reach 11,000 and close to 15,000 ft lbs, respectively. These new tools are approximately four times less costly than the hydraulic torque solutions that had previously been necessary to do this kind of work.

“We are now offering a manually driven torque multiplier that reaches the highest torque levels of any manually driven tool in the market,” said Derek Griffin, Managing Partner of Pro Torque Tools. “Previously, only hydraulic torque could be used which is a much larger capital investment due to the pumps required to drive the hydraulic torque head. For torque ranges between 10,000 and 15,000 ft lbs, we feel like we have met a need in the market with a more affordable solution and look forward to better serving the energy industry and other markets that have this type of torque requirement.”

New Products Available Soon

These new products will be in stock and ready to ship in September 2013. In November 2013, the new products will be on display at the Power Gen tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. Pro Torque Tools looks forward to supplying its customers with the highest quality tools at the most reasonable prices.

Pro Torque Tools has been supplying its customers with the highest quality professional grade tools on the U.S. market for over six years, and is pleased to be adding more items to the inventory. Those looking to learn more about this company and the products it provides are welcome to visit online at

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  1. Yeah, same here. I’ve been on the site for ten years, and would love to get some new wrenches.

  2. Yeah, same here. I’ve been on the site for ten years, and would love to get some new wrenches.

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