Mervis Diamond Importers Offers Superior Engagement Rings at Reduced Prices

Tacori engagement ring

From the extravagant to the budget conscious, customers will find the perfect diamond engagement ring at Mervis Diamond Importers.

Tysons Corner, VA August 17, 2013 Mervis Diamond Importers, the leading diamond importer in the Washington DC metro area, proudly continues its long standing tradition of providing outstanding quality diamonds and settings at prices that suit most any budget.

Currently, the average cost for an engagement ring in the United States is approximately $5,400. Mervis Diamond Importers has engagement ring settings starting at $1,200, making it possible for customers to purchase a stunning diamond engagement ring for less than the average cost.

Affordable Options

Mervis advises customers that spending two to four months salary on an engagement ring, while a reasonable and acceptable place to start, is not imperative. In fact, Mervis suggests that customers consider their take home salary, savings, monthly expenses and other expenditures before deciding how much they can comfortably afford to spend.

The jewelry experts at Mervis Diamond Importers know that while purchasing a beautiful, excellent quality diamond engagement ring is important, so is making sure that customers do not spend more than they can afford. Customers will find that Mervis offers terrific financing options to help them afford the perfect ring. After making a down payment, customers can make affordable monthly payments until the ring is paid off. Customers can consult with a financing specialist to learn about available financing options.

Unmatched Expertise

The diamond experts at Mervis know that it is not just enough to put the jewelry in front of the customer and expect the customer to know how to evaluate a diamond and choose an appropriate setting. Mervis wants its customers to understand exactly what they are buying. Mervis jewelry experts firmly believe that client education is a critical step in the process.

Mervis diamond experts inform customers that two identically graded diamonds can be quite different in appearance. At Mervis, customers are able to see and hold the diamonds, an important step in deciding if it is exactly the right choice. Furthermore, Mervis only sells QUALITY diamonds. The professionals at Mervis Diamond Importers give clients all the information and time they need to select the diamond and the engagement ring setting.

Mervis Diamond Importers offers an incredibly wide range of engagement rings and wedding bands as well as a beautiful selection of wedding day jewelry. Whether customers prefer trendy or timeless, they will have an immense selection from which to choose.

Mervis Diamond Importers has been serving its customers for over 30 years from its Tysons Corner, VA, Rockville, MD and Washington D.C locations. Those interested in learning more about the wide selection of diamond engagement rings and financing options are encouraged to visit online at Read this for more:

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