Making Your News Their News

The idea of running a business is simple. You want to create a product that somebody is willing to pay for. Then you want to promote the product so that people will be aware of your product and the need they have for the product. Then you sell it to them. The reality of running a business can be very difficult. Competing with other businesses for the attention of potential customers is a never ending job. Finding the best free press release sites can help to bring attention and media to your company.

Public relations and advertising are focused on bringing positive attention to their company. They have to let people who make things public, such as the news, about big events and achievements that could be promoted. Free press release submission sites allow companies to inform the media about their events for a very affordable cost.

The first press release was way back in 1906. The agency that Ivy Lee worked for was working with the Pennsylvania railroad when a wreck in Atlantic City occurred. Before stories could be reported in ways that the railroad and Lee did not desire, Lee came up with a way to report to journalists before other versions of the wreck could be reported. Since then, the idea and use of the press release has been refined. Now, there are free press release sites online.

Free press release sites provide ways for businesses to interact with the media. Businesses need to promote themselves and their products, and free press release sites help them to do that.

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