How Implicit Bias Police Training Can Improve Community Interactions – 1938 News

Sometimes, the police do not give blacks the same treatment the like whites. Arguably, this is an issue that many folks find hard to believe. The police must be aware of how implicit biases can influence non-conscious choices, and regardless of who’s at fault. Implicit bias is usually not caused by someone who is a major bad actor. This is why finger-pointing isn’t vital.

In this short video, Jennifer Eberhardt, the creator of “Biased,” says that to eliminate implicit bias the police must not let their minds and their cultures interfere with their decisions. Jennifer together with other experts, guide police officers through implicit biased police training.

In implicit bias police training officers develop their methods of communicating with other cops regarding how implicit bias could distort their choices. POne way is to look at statistics. The black targets are more likely to have a chance of being hit than white targets, even when they’re holding guns or other innocuous objects that appear to be weapons. 3dwv41w1lu.

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