How Does a Facelift Work? – Maine’s Finest

to age-related conditions. To restore their youth the majority of people undergo facelifts. The video below demonstrates how face lifts work.

What is a facelift? It is a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance the look of the face. It involves the elimination of extra skin and excess fat from the neck and face along with tightening of the facial tissues and muscles. This procedure also helps to eliminate wrinkles as well as improve the appearance of the appearance of fine lines.

The surgeon will carry out a thorough physical exam to determine the best treatment for the patient. A common facelift procedure is to cut the lines of hair on the temples up to just around the ear.
After making incisions, surgical surgeon lifts layer of skin and tissues underneath after which they adjust them. Finally, the surgeon ensures they are in the right spot using stitches and other surgical devices. After the procedure has been completed it is possible to schedule follow-up appointments after a day, a week, a month and three months.

The results of a facelift are usually long-lasting. Weight fluctuations, as well as ageing may not have a huge impact on these results.

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