What is an H2A Visa Processing Company – Industrial and Manufacturing Insights

Immigrants can help fill those gaps in the job market. Shay Meyers will explain it throughout this video!

Shay is close to a number of people who she can speak to her about the experience they had and about how an H2A Visa allowed them to provide for their families. It’s much easier and safer to enter the country legaly to do employment. It is much easier to just appointment at the customs offices or, even better, get on a plane or bus instead of taking a four-day trek through the desert.

The migrants in this clip discover that they make more than they can earn in one hour in the United States as opposed to a full day spent in Mexico. In addition, buying a vehicle or even a home is easier. In America workers are hard at work however, they are paid fairly. Shay wants to emphasize the importance of the American farmer and the symbiotic connection they share with the field staff.

This video offers a rare chance to speak with the workers themselves about their experiences. Juan, Samuel Osvaldo Manuel, Manuel, Rafael and Edwin names and display the faces of migrant workers as they remind us of that they are human. zlgk5tkbkh.

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