What is a Boiler? – Work Flow Management

es. They are also known as furnaces and boilers. The furnace is a device that heats air and a boiler is able to heat water. Boilers’ names are derived from the fact that they heat water until it reaches a boil for the purpose of heating homes. On this clip, we will find out more about how the boiler system functions.

The thermostat is the primary element in a boiler’s system. It accomplishes this by sending an electric signal through the boiler which usually is located inside the basement. The electrical energy, that is delivered to the burner heats it up. The heating source is then transferred on to water. The hot water produced by the stove is then transferred via fan convectors, radiators, or other radiators all throughout the home. These fixtures allow the warmth of the water to be absorbed into the house. The process removes oxygen. Even so, boilers also have an expansion tank to keep pressure fluctuations in check. As you can see, the fundamentals of a boiler are very straightforward. Hope this video gives you with some understanding about how boilers work.


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