What Do Optometrists Do? – Bright Healthcare

Be sure to check for other ailments such as diabetes and high blood pressure. This video will show exactly what optometrists do, and why you need to see them.

First step during your appointment with an optometrist to provide a reason for being at this point. You may be experiencing changes regarding your vision. It could be that the lenses or lenses you’re using aren’t as effective or comfortable as they were. You might have vision problems but your eyesight is good. In any case, you should start by having a conversation open with your physician to help you get your feet on the ground.

If you’re in for an update to your corrective lenses or contacts, the optometrist will measure the changes and suggest the correct apparatus. There’s a wide range of options based on your needs, lifestyle, and style, so no matter what you’re seeking, optometrists can assist.

If they find the presence of one more significant issue than initially believed then the optometrist will send them to an specialist. They will then be able to identify the issue and provide the appropriate treatment. The optometrist could be one with a higher qualification, your PCP, or an eye doctor.

More details are available in the video embedded below!


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