Walmart Forks Over Millions to Woman Todays Entertainment News

cquire millions of dollars in one single day. A woman was able achieve exactly this. Even though she received her money within a single day, it had been many days before she could receive it. Her lawyers were hard at work trying to settle the matter against the titan that is Walmart. Walmart had falsely accused her shoplifting, but she was then ejected. She sought damages. In this video you’ll be able to see how the court case played out.

She was going through automatic self-checkout like she normally does. She claims that she paid like normal. When she left Security questioned her. Security officials suspected the woman had stolen items from the shop. They later demanded that she pay $200 in order to drop the case. This was not accepted by the lady. She also filed a lawsuit against Walmart. Walmart had to compensate the victim for their negative image by paying her around 2 million dollars. It supposedly negatively impacted her employment and her chances of getting the job. A shoplifter is not someone one would like to employ. She can live comfortably on 2 million dollars.


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