Porch Pirate Gets Stuck in Snowbank – Entertainment Videos

When people aren’t home, porch pirates steal packages from their front porches. To stop the petty thieves, increasingly, homeowners are investing in security cameras as well as a security system to protect their homes. Most people get packages that are delivered in their garages. This video illustrates a porch pirate trying to steal a package but failing badly. There is a possibility that he’ll need to contact a bail bond company after this incident.

In this case, the porch pirate attempted to snatch a man’s purse However, he was not able to realize that the owner was staying home. The homeowner opened the door to confront the porch pirate. He frightens him away. The pirate crashes his car into close snowbanks, while trying to flee. The porch pirate is trying to remove his vehicle. While he is trying, the homeowner has called police and they’re on their way. The homeowner is funny of humor, and asks the criminal if he’d like a shovel. He’ll need much more than just an ordinary shovel in order to move out of the chaos.


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