Moving IT Equipment in an Office Relocation Without Causing a Computer Crash – Computer Crash

7. Budget for New Technology

When you create a list of the equipment you’re moving take note of any outdated technology. If you’re using Printers, phone, computers or other gadgets not operating according to the ideal standards, now may be the best time to upgrade. Check to determine whether your device is available for lease. If this is the case, review the contracts to determine whether you are allowed to transfer the equipment. Then, you’ll need to buy replacement equipment.

8. Moving Servers

It is crucial to make sure that your IT staff knows what security measures are in place for servers when they move to the new location are prior to you transfer IT equipment. It is essential that the new site can accommodate your servers to promote the long-term performance of your servers. It is possible to do this through:

ensuring that there is enough ventilation to ensure that servers are not overheated. Ensuring that every connected device has the ability to connect with the server. In order to protect your server from power surges, make sure your power source is in good control. Assuring your server is stored in a safe location.

Backups of data on servers are essential in the event of a move. Once that’s done, turn it off before disassembling elements. For ease of assemble the parts in the new location, keep track of which parts are in which.

Once servers have been set up, cables are connected and workstations set up in the new location, you can test the system. Send test email and make calls to key numbers. Make sure that your information is inaccessible. It is also recommended to conduct testing the frequency of your broadband to make sure your connection is adequate in speed. Servers are essential for computer networking requirements.

9. Put Contingencies in Place

Making contingencies ready is the first step in shifting IT equipment to offices during a move. You must be prepared for any situation


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