Keep Press Releases Fresh and Formatted

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Did you know that press releases rack up 275 unique page views per week from U.S. businesses alone? Well-written press releases can act as an invaluable tool, for any and all businesses. What many companies may not realize, however, is that writing a press release the wrong way can call into question company credibility. What can companies do to keep press releases and PR distribution valuable?

Stick to Formatting

Press releases are just one of those things. In this instance, one of those things that has very strict guidelines that your company needs to follow. Before submitting press releases, skim press releases to ensure that they meet basic formatting guidelines. Press releases should, for example, answer who, what, when, and where, in the first paragraph. Standard press releases are about 400-500 words long, and these words typically span an estimated four to five paragraphs. What is one of the most valuable formatting tips?

Although press release formats can be strict, marketers, writers, and publicists have a good deal of wiggle room when it comes to creating headlines. Make sure headlines are punchy, to the point, and engaging. When it comes to press releases, headlines are your opportunity to be as creative, and exercise as many freedoms, as possible.

Keep it Current

There is nothing worse than regurgitated, old news. A PR news wire implies breaking news, or the release of valuable, newsworthy information. Build company reputation and trust by remaining as current, and as newsworthy, as possible. Whether you are submitting news releases directly to news outlets, or using free press release submission sites, it is never a good idea to create something out of nothing, or puff up company news. This particular guideline benefits companies and consumers alike. In fact, companies with newsworthy press releases often enjoy higher search rankings for up to two weeks. Another plus? Companies can use releases and specific release dates to increase consumer anticipation, and overall buzz about a new service or product. The same strategy is sometimes used to protect confidentiality as well.

Enjoy higher search rankings, and a breaking news glow, by releasing current, and well-formatted, press releases. Cram creativity into headlines only, and stick to traditional four to five paragraph formatting, to pack the most punch, whether submitting releases to news stations, or going through free press release submission sites.

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