How Your Cavities Are Filled – Metro Dental Care

People have been involved in the game of life. However, most don’t know about the procedure. The video below will teach you how your dentist fills cavities.

Your blood pressure will be checked first by the dentist. The dentist will apply a numbing gel to the tooth so that the patient doesn’t experience so much discomfort. The dentist will also apply local anesthetic. Dental professionals is then going to numb the area around your mouth, while waiting. After the mouth has been anesthetized, your dentist will use a laser or drill to the affected region. The most common method is an suction tube that is used to clean out any debris from this process.

The dentist will prepare for fillings once the decay has been removed. First, the dentist will place an etch onto the tooth. Etch is an acid gel, which helps roughen the enamel. Then, they cleanse your moth to get rid of the acid. Next, they place the filling and mold it in order to appear natural. When the dentist is pleased, the composite fillings are set by gentle light.


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