Do Snow Tires Make a Huge Difference? – Your Oil

D breaking is significantly more challenging. There are, however, tires that are designed to make driving in snow more easily. Is it more beneficial to pick snow tires that are all-season? In this clip, the tires are put to the test for a look at which perform better for snow conditions.

Two cars are contrasted in this video. First is the Passat with four-wheel drive. Another is the front-wheel-drive GTI. The Passat was given all-season tires while GTI received snow tires. Both cars were tested on the same stretch of road multiple times. The results show that the car’s accelerations are similar to one another and also the tires. The snow tires were noticeably slower than the all-seasons tires. The snow tires were able to breaks significantly better than all-seasons. Additionally, if the snow tires were on an all-wheel drive vehicle the results would have pushed forward in favor of the snow tires also. Snow tires are better at breaking up snow and accelerate. It is also important that you have an automobile with all-wheel drive if you are in a winter environment. The security benefits of these wheel are well more than the cost. Your life is precious.


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