Design Tips for Wine Cellars – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

can be rewarding when you do the proper strategy and execution.

The first step is to decide on the place and size of your cellar. The cellar must be located in a cool, dry and dark place of your residence, and away from the sun or any vibration. Based on how many bottles you’d like to keep and the dimensions of your cellar needs to have a minimum of 2 or 3 feet in area per bottle.

The importance of insulation is to keep that wine is stored at the right temperature. The walls, ceiling, and floors should be well-insulated.

Wine racks are made with a range of materials. They come in different sizes and styles for different bottles and shapes. To make the most space and facilitate ease of access the racks can be double-deep or single racks.

Lighting is also an important consideration when designing a cellar. Incandescent and fluorescent lighting should be avoided since they produce heat that can affect the humidity and temperature. Opt instead for LED lights, which release only a little heat. It can also be installed strategically to show off particular bottles or parts of the cellar.

Also, think about aesthetic appeal when designing your cellar. With the proper lighting, designs and materials wine cellars will appear unique and be both functional and beautiful.


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