An Interview with Bill and Melissa Ginn of Presto Air, LLC

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We recently had the opportunity to interview Presto Air, LLC owners Bill and Melissa Ginn, where we learned a little about their background and the HVAC business they created together three years ago.

So why did you decide to go into business together, besides the desire to make money?

Bill Ginn: Honestly, we really just wanted to stop working for the man! Going into business ourselves and becoming our own boss was the best way to make that happen.

Can you describe your business and your niche to us?

Melissa Ginn: Our business is HVAC, pure and simple. It was fairly easy for us to find our niche, since Bill has done this for over 20 years. I have an extensive background in customer service. Between the two of us, we are able to cover everything necessary to run our business.

Have you ever made a mistake over the past three years?

Bill Ginn: Yeah! The first business cards that we printed up had the wrong telephone number on them! Thankfully, we were able to quickly get new ones printed up.

Can you tell us what the best and worst days are like for you two as business owners?

Bill Ginn: The best day for me is when we can pass on a job that we know will be absolutely terrible.

Melissa Ginn: There are a few things that could qualify as the worst day for me. Sometimes it is when we have a ton of work and not enough people to help us get it all done. Another thing that comes to mind are those times that we have had a lot of people ready to work, but not enough work to go around. It is not easy running an HVAC business!

Where do you see Presto Air in the future?

Melissa G: In the near future, we see ourselves with more work and employees who are completely reliable. With more people to do the work, Bill could switch to just doing estimates. Essentially, we want to oversee the business and have good employees who are dependable and willing to work hard.

Bill and Melissa Ginn are the owners of Presto Air, LLC, the leading HVAC contractor in South West Florida. The company has been serving its customers in SW Florida for more than three years. Those who are interested in learning more about Presto Air are encouraged to visit online at Get more here. More info like this. More on this topic.

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