A Checklist for Fire Door Inspections – Spokane Events

asures. The fire door is an essential component of the system. This video shows you how to ensure that your fire doors are up to code in time for the next inspection.

Doors that protect against fires getting out of control, hold smoke with dangerous chemicals, and allow for escape from a building. It is important to ensure the door is labeled to clearly label the doors. You also need to be sure that the door does not have any holes in it.

Door hardware and frame must be in working order. The hardware and door frame are also inspected from all angles. The door must be fully sealed. There cannot be any parts that are missing.

To ensure that the fire is appropriately styrofoam, the gap within the door’s perimeter must be measured. Use a ruler or measuring tape to ensure you’re within NFPA limits. Additionally, your door should contain springs with functioning closing mechanisms.

You can find more information on fire doors inspections within the link to video above.


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